Parents Confused About Baby and Child Nutrition

NEW YORK, April 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Most adults are familiar with probiotics and the role they play in our overall health. But many don’t realize probiotics are also important for babies and their growing bodies. First introduced during breast feeding, probiotics are ‘good bacteria’ that support your baby’s digestive health and immune system. Recently Dr. Tanya Altmann, Spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, teamed with YourUpdateTV to discuss some of the ways in which parents should be incorporating probiotics into their baby and child’s diet.

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Recent surveys by Stonyfield and ORC International revealed over half of new parents feel overwhelmed by all of the different opinions on childhood nutrition. With so many sources of information, it can be difficult to determine what you should be feeding your baby. This confusion may be why many parents overlook including probiotics in a baby’s diet, even though studies have shown them to be beneficial in supporting digestive health. A great way to get probiotics into your baby’s diet is through foods that have them, such as yogurt.

“Most parents don’t know babies can begin reaping the benefits of yogurt as young as six months,” according to Dr. Altmann. “I recommend feeding yogurt with probiotics, like Stonyfield YoBaby® organic yogurt daily at this age. It’s #1 Pediatrician recommended*, a great first food; it delivers Vitamin D and calcium for bone growth, and now has added probiotic BB-12® to help support digestive health, when consumed regularly as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.” 

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About Stonyfield: As the leading organic yogurt maker, Stonyfield takes care with everything it puts into its yogurts and everything it keeps out. By saying no to toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs, Stonyfield has been saying yes to delicious, healthy food for more than 30 years. With their direct milk supply program, Stonyfield helps to grow the number of organic dairy farms in New England – and through their support of the Wolfe’s Neck Dairy Farmer training program, Stonyfield works to train the next generation of organic farmers.

*For babies 6 mo-2 years among refrigerated yogurts. (IMS Health ProVoice Survey, 12/01/15 - 09/30/16)
BB-12® is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen.

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