Senate Republican leaders have postponed a vote on their health-care overhaul bill after meeting stiff resistance from members of their own party, and President Donald Trump summoned Republican senators to the White House to urge them to break the impasse, according to a Reuters report.

Opioid addiction could kill almost as many Americans in the next decade as have died from HIV/AIDS since that epidemic came to light in the early 1980s, STAT reports.

It always comes down to the young invincibles. Those younger and healthier people who need to enter the insurance risk pools in order to make any version of health care reform work.

The Randomized Evaluation of the Effects of Anacetrapib Through Lipid Modification (REVEAL) outcomes study of anacetrapib (Merck) has met its primary endpoint, significantly reducing major coronary events (defined as the composite of coronary death, myocardial infarction, and coronary revascularization) compared with placebo in patients at risk for cardia

The FDA is taking two new steps to increase competition in the market for prescription drugs and to facilitate the entry of lower-cost alternatives.

New research from the health care technology company Change Healthcare suggests that the typical health system risks $4.9 million each year because of claims denials. The Change Healthcare Healthy Hospital Revenue Cycle Index data were culled from a sample of more than 3.3 billion hospital transactions valued at $1.8 trillion.

Last week, a jury awarded a Pennsylvania man $620,000 for pain and suffering in a medical malpractice lawsuit he filed against a surgeon who mistakenly removed his healthy testicle, leaving the painful, atrophied one intact.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated that the Senate’s plan to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)—known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017—will reduce the cumulative federal deficit over the 2017–2026 period by $321 billion, according to an article posted on the FierceHealthcare web

Health insurers for the most part worry that Republican plans to overhaul health care will hurt the individual market, but at least one large player isn’t buying it, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Doctors want to heal, that’s their mission. People with anxiety and depression want to function; hold down jobs, enjoy the good moments with family and friends.

Positive data have been reported from a phase 3 study of once-weekly prophylaxis with subcutaneous emicizumab (Chugai/Roche/Genentech) in adults and adolescents with hemophilia A who have inhibitors to factor VIII.

The FDA has approved betrixaban (Bevyxxa, Portola Pharmaceuticals), the first anticoagulant for hospital and extended-duration prophylaxis (35 to 42 days) of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in adults hospitalized for an acute medical illness who are at risk for thromboembolic complications due to moderate or severe restricted mobility and other risk factors

Despite dramatic reductions in the death rate from cardiovascular disease, it remains the leading cause of death, and experts have expressed concern that the number of new therapies coming to market has lagged.

A little more than half of all opioid prescriptions in the United States are written for patients with anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders, according to a new study described on the STAT website.

Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine has announced that she has “extreme reservations” about the Senate’s health care bill and does not think it will pass this week, according to a Reuters report.