Providers appear to be getting the message about opioid overprescribing, as the CDC reports that the number of such prescriptions have dropped since the high in 2010. Even better, the more dangerous doses of those prescriptions saw the highest drop-off, 41%.

It’s all according to sources who wish to remain anonymous, but Bloomberg is reporting that UnitedHealth Group and Vista Equity Partners are nearing a deal where they will split up the Advisory Board.

The FDA might be following the lesson learned in the “boy who cried wolf” story. The agency is considering a study on whether those long lists of adverse effects seen on TV drug ads might be overkill, STAT reports.

One huge merger just came undone, but not completely. Walgreens and Rite Aid, both big presences in the pharmacy business, stepped away from their $9.4 billion merger agreement, the Wall Street Journal reports. But Walgreens did agree to buy half of Rite Aid’s stores for $5.1 billion—in cash.

Bundled payment systems have been with us a long while, and maybe it’s time to tweak them, according to an opinion piece in JAMA. The authors argue that bundled payments can be even more cost-effective if their durations are expanded, if some of the bundled services can be performed outside a hospital, and if they can be integrated with ACOs.

An Alabama company has been barred from making or selling drugs after FDA inspectors found that medications were produced under insanitary conditions and in violation of current good manufacturing practice requirements.

The motto, to paraphrase former President Obama, could be: “If you like your ACA health care plan, you can keep it.” But if you don’t like the plan or any of the other ACA choices offered in state exchanges, you can find something more to your liking that doesn’t follow the ACA guidelines.

The fact that residents in more and more rural counties will find themselves without an insurer next year seems to bolster arguments about the structural unfeasibility of the ACA.

And, yes volatility surrounding health care was given as the reason for Memorial Hermann Health System’s decision to not sell health plans on the exchange next year, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The uncertainty surrounding the status of the ACA, or the shape of whatever replaces it, proved too much for Premier Health Plan, which announced yesterday that it is exiting the exchange, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. Residents in nine counties will be affected.

One huge merger just came undone, but a new huge deal took its place. Walgreens and Rite Aid, both huge presences in the pharmacy business, stepped away from their $9.4 billion merger agreement, the Wall Street Journal reports.

A National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded study led by a team at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University has shown that an influenza vaccine can produce substantial immune responses and be administered safely with an experimental patch of dissolving microneedles.

Opioids could kill nearly 500,000 people in America during the next decade as the crisis of addiction and overdose accelerates, according to survey results posted on the STAT website.

Heritage Valley Health System, based in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, has been infected by a global malware virus known as Petya that affected the entire health system, including satellite and community locations, according to an article on the FierceHealthcare website. It was the second such attack in Pennsylvania in the past two months.

Hospital and medical school lobbying groups are spending at least $1 million on television ads opposing Senate Republicans’ plan to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), according to a Bloomberg report.