June 2016

Americans’ tolerance for waiting is disappearing fast, and the technology that enables digital encounters is getting better all the time.
Peter Wehrwein

One of the problems deals with uneven coverage among different health insurers. Doctors want more clarity.

Susan Ladika
Doctors have pretty much made their peace with retail clinics for problems like sinusitis and routine vaccination. But they aren’t ready to concede care for chronic conditions to the retailers.
Robert Calandra
House calls for the frail and chronically ill are making a comeback. But CMS and private payers are still figuring out how to make the economics work.
Joseph Burns

Insurers need to think strategically to ensure that beneficiaries remember to keep going back to their app for health information.

Jan Greene
The insatiable American appetite for convenience is spreading to health care, says Ateev Mehrotra, an expert on retail clinics, telemedicine, and other convenient care delivery models.
Interview by Peter Wehrwein
Nursing brings her into intimate contact with blood, pain, suffering, and freighted issues of life and death. But in her book, Theresa Brown uses a deft, writerly touch to delve into the more prosaic aspects of American medicine—the doctor–nurse dynamics, the hassles of charting, and financial incentives that skew care toward tests and procedures.
Interview by Peter Wehrwein

Legislation & Regulation: Campaign 2016

Selling coverage across state lines dusts off an old idea that has new legs.

Richard Mark Kirkner
Tomorrow’s Medicine

Revolution isn’t too strong a word to use about what’s happening with this technology.

Thomas Morrow, MD
Richard G. Stefanacci, DO
Plan Watch

The info comes compliments of Aetna, Humana, and UnitedHealthcare.

Joseph Burns