September 2012

These high-achievers wrestle with competing interests as they operate both in the medical and business worlds
Frank Diamond

Only about 35 percent of girls get the full three doses of the vaccine for the human papillomavirus, which causes most cervical cancers

Joseph Burns

Unimpressive performance combined with the dangerous shortcomings of older medications keeps insurers wary

Thomas Reinke
Patients treated with oral linezolid, covered under the pharmacy benefit, had lower re-hospitalizations and emergency room visits than patients treated with vancomycin or daptomycin, covered under the medical benefit
John Barron, PharmD
Ralph Turner, PhD
Michael Jaeger, MD
Wallace Adamson, MD
Joseph Singer, MD

Legislation & Regulation

Only 15 states admit to preparing to deploy these vehicles for essential services, but others are said to be working behind the scenes

John Carroll
Plan Watch
Eight-week course aims to instill in patients the skills to manage their chronic disease over the long haul
Frank Diamond
Tomorrow’s Medicine

An improved microchip will be a useful tool as patient-centric models of care delivery gain traction under health care reform

Thomas Morrow, MD
Managed Care Outlook