July 2009

Managed Medicare and Medicaid especially struggle to develop improved discharge and follow-up systems
Lola Butcher
Patients are responding to online programs that help them improve or maintain their health and become better consumers
Thomas Reinke
Under new Medicare rules, searchable formulary Web sites now face tougher regulatory oversight
Jeff Mays
Higher cost sharing decreases adherence to oral diabetes drugs and worsens glucose levels
Jacquelyn Hunt, PharmD, MS, BCPS
Yelena Rozenfeld, MPH
Rahul Shenolikar, BS Pharm, PhD

Legislation & Regulation
“The doctor can see you this afternoon” may become the typical response when a patient calls for a same-day office visit. California leads the way.
John Carroll
Medication Management
Improve pharmaceutical control of chronic diseases by communicating with network providers and using integrated claims data
Martin Sipkoff
Plan Watch
Bonuses and the fact that doctors knew each other’s scores seem to have helped to improve outcomes
Frank Diamond
Tomorrow’s Medicine
Shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other repetitive stress injuries can be avoided with this advance
Thomas Morrow, MD