December 2009

The nation is in an uproar over rising medical costs, and much of the problem is excess or inappropriate utilization
Martin Sipkoff
Too often, society prods regulators into adopting new drugs and technologies without adequate scientific analysis
Pierantonio Russo, MD
Alan Adler, MD, MS
Pay for performance is not enough. Fundamental changes in the fundamental relationship have to be taken into account.
A broad consortium of players joins with the NCQA to shine a light on the drugstore
Tom Reinke

Legislation & Regulation
Skeptics wonder if sticking sick people with high out-of-pocket costs simply encourages them to avoid care
John Carroll
Medication Management
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will make the Part D reporting process more difficult and complex
Martin Sipkoff
Plan Watch
When your domestic business is steady or even declining, what’s a giant health care company to do but look abroad?
Frank Diamond
Tomorrow's Medicine
Xiaflex may offer a better overall outcome and a much less invasive option than surgery for patients with Dupuytren’s disease
Thomas Morrow, MD