November 1996

Salem, Ore., ophthalmologist Gordon Miller wants to ban capitated payments to physicians. His ballot measure apparently didn't light up the skies, but some wonder if a brushfire could yet spread.
Chuck Appleby
The concerns of Oregon anti-capitation crusader Gordon Miller draw a surprising degree of sympathy from managed care experts. But they say he's tarring good and bad health plans with the same brush.
Timothy Kelley
A few years ago, the problem for many physicians was avoiding managed care contracts. Now that it's clear that survival without them is unlikely, the problem has become how to hold on to those affiliations.
David L. Coleman, J.D.
HMOs and other managed care plans are increasingly subject to lawsuits, as lawyers realize that they make easy prey. But Mike Folio, a lawyer himself, has some tips for avoiding trouble.
Mike Folio, J.D.