Seeking A Balance: Weighing the Clinical and Economic Factors of Depression and Anxiety Management

This supplement explores the perspectives of health care professionals, insurers, and business leaders on clinical and economic outcomes for patients with depression and anxiety — two common costly chronic problems. The presentations herein discuss how depression and anxiety are treated and managed, how avoidable morbidity and mortality can be reduced, and the inherent conflicts among health plans, employers, practitioners, and quality management.


  • Health Care Benefits in the 21st Century: What Employers Are Facing and How They Are Responding
  • Mental Health Support Needs: The Employer Perspective in Optimizing Clinical and Economic Outcomes
  • MindSET: Tools to Implement a Behavioral Health Initiative in the Workplace
  • Panel Discussion: Does HEDIS Affect Compliance, Length of Therapy, or Outcomes?
  • An Economic Analysis of SSRI Length of Therapy
  • Improved SSRI Tolerability and Increased Length of Therapy