Movements in Healthcare Legislation: An Interactive Town Hall

At the 15th Annual Managed Healthcare Symposium, some of the most knowledgeable health care policy experts in the United States were invited to lecture on and then debate the potential effects of current and emerging legislative and regulatory issues on health care and managed care. The conference keynote featured a lively debate between James Carville and Sean Hannity, two highly provocative political consultants. Presenters discussed the Bush administration’s new and proposed regulations for Medicare reform; the effects of national health care policy at the local and organizational levels; the role that technological innovation can play in reducing costs; and the complexities of consumer-centric health care models.


  • Two Perspectives on Today’s Political Issues in Health Care (Carville/Hannity)
  • The Administration’s Medicare Policy
  • Medicare Reform: The Effect of Prescription Drug Coverage on MCOs
  • How State Medicaid Is Developing, Piloting, and Implementing Managed Care Purchasing Strategies
  • Healthcare’s Future Consumer-Centric Models The Future of Healthcare in a High-Tech World
  • Flags of Our Fathers