Managed Care Guidelines for Management of Chronic Kidney Disease

Disease management programs aimed at the ESRD population do not address the substantial costs that these patients generate long before their disease progresses to dialysis or transplantation. Because the average hemodialysis patient incurs annual costs exceeding $70,000, MCOs seek effective ways to improve clinical outcomes and prevent these costs by shifting their focus from ESRD to managing chronic kidney disease. This supplement describes the National Kidney Foundation’s staging system for diagnosing patients with CKD, as well as interventions appropriate to each stage. This system provides a way to slow the development of the disease, reduce morbidity and mortality, and improve patients’ quality of life.


  • Managed Care’s New View of Renal Disease
  • Treating Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Managing Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Preparing MCOs to Manage Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Roundtable Discussion: Optimal Management of the CKD Patient