Innovation and Drug Reimportation: Cost, Value, and Tradeoffs — Economic, Legal, and Public Policy Implications

This supplement was generated from a unique forum that focused on the potential impact of pharmaceutical reimportation on medical innovation. The articles within will assist noneconomists in understanding why the pharmaceutical business sector relies more on the integrity of intellectual property and the ability to entice significant investments than do other business sectors.

Discussions on this topic have been heated and are particularly important, as drug costs continue to increase in the United States, and proposed solutions have the potential to be detrimental to the core of the pharmaceutical industry. The costs and benefits of drug reimportation are discussed and analyzed by the countryís top experts in these areas.


  • Legislation and Pharmaceutical Reimportation
  • Price Regulation and Innovation
  • Price Differentials Between Canada and the United States
  • Reimportation and the European Experience: What the United States Can Expect
  • Roundtable Discussion: Implications of Research for Public Policy