Jack McCain

Can an injectable biologic really replace a delicate surgery for treatment of Dupuytren’s disease?

Frank Diamond

A bigger portion of the population is expected to have cardiac disease but live longer, and researchers argue for stopping it before it shows

Frank Diamond

Ann O’Malley, MD

Moody’s says that more people will get care, but hedges its prediction, while other experts think that the trend line will stay flat

Focus on Biologics
Thomas Reinke

A new precertification procedure addresses key elements in genetic testing

Biologics in Development
Michael D. Dalzell
Michael D. Dalzell
Legislation & Regulation
John Carroll

The system’s effect on the private sector has actually been underestimated. Medicare price changes often lead to amplified swings on the private side.

Robert Royce, PhD

Compulsory medical insurance with a twist: Plans play a crucial role

Plan Watch
Frank Diamond

Despite last year’s fiasco at Penn State and growing concern about the effectiveness of such programs, employers are still believers

The Formulary Files
Krishna Rutvij Patel, PharmD
Tomorrow's Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD
Genome squencing has gotten so cheap that it takes oncologists’ breath away. It also raises thorny issues for health insurers.
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