Frank Diamond

Amy C. Edmondson, PhD

Collaboration is the name of the game these days, but even when lower-level providers speak up, will physicians really listen?

Tom McCann

Despite their attraction, these cost-control programs don’t always deliver

Barry Patel, PharmD

For centuries, the problem in medicine was too little information. Now there’s too much, and doctors need help coping.

Kathryn S. Kolibaba, MD
Although this practice can optimize long-term patient outcomes, it is not routine in clinical practice
Medication Management
Thomas Reinke

Mike Pellini, MD

With limited peer-reviewed literature, health plans take an evaluative approach to tumor profile testing

Legislation & Regulation
John Carroll

At issue is how much large provider systems can charge for services after they’ve acquired physician practices

Robert Royce, PhD

Robert Royce, PhD

The country’s catastrophic economic situation shrinks coverage, closes hospitals, and cuts physicians’ salaries — and that might be just the beginning

Plan Watch
Frank Diamond

The insurer hopes to give businesses of between 50 and 400 employees more flexibility under defined contribution

Tomorrow’s Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD

This new treatment for nephritic cystinosis costs a quarter million annually, whereas the original formulation comes in at $8,000

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