A consultant urges plans to streamline Web sites and devise new contracting strategies to prepare for an influx of individual customers
Thomas Reinke
Its new branding campaign may be a ‘right mistake’
Frank Diamond
A new system set to start in 2012 will tie allocations to how well insurers hit quality benchmarks. There’s a curve, too.
James W. Davis, PhD
Ronald Y. Fujimoto, DO
Henry Chan, BS
A straightforward method of identifying potentially non-urgent ED visits from administrative data can be employed to calculate population-based rates, which might be applied in the development of managed care programs
Editor's Memo
John Marcille
Legislation & Regulation
John Carroll
Federal auditors tell CMS it has been deficient in monitoring whether states are treating plans fairly
Tomorrow's Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD
For cosmetic reasons, this type of hearing system is desirable, but how much does it cost and who are the best candidates?
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News and Commentary
News and Commentary