John Carroll
Pennsylvania’s mining of infection info, and the use of insurers’ own statistics in Maine are seen as great examples of measuring quality
Richard L. Harvey, MD
Rehabilitation at a skilled nursing facility lacks the intensity that most patients need, studies suggest
Douglas J. Moeller, MD
James Evans
It is customary to think of this payment method as a cost-control mechanism, and it is, but it can raise quality of care too
Martin Sipkoff
CDHPs and catastrophic insurance plans can save consumers money, but do high deductibles add to overall costs down the line?
Legislation & Regulation
John Carroll
Charges by lawmakers that insurers don’t spend enough on medical services lead to provisions in health reform bills in the Senate and House
Medication Management
Martin Sipkoff
Although effective treatments are available, helping patients cope is a minefield of administrative and legal barriers
Tomorrow's Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD
If the Food and Drug Administration approves the bronchial thermoplasty system, it will be the first device specifically approved to treat the condition
Plan Watch
Frank Diamond
A unique health plan-provider partnership focuses on giving practical knowledge to those to whom the CEOs report
News and Commentary