Jackie Mazoway
Payers must manage the care of all members, regardless of how sick or well, to control escalating treatment expenditures
AHRQ’s director of health care information technology looks at the federal health care IT stimulus program from the quality perspective
Mary V. Mason, MD, MBA
Amy Poole-Yaeger, MD
Cathie R. Krueger, RN, BSN
Editor's Memo
John Marcille
Medication Management
Martin Sipkoff
Notwithstanding a black box warning from the FDA, ongoing research demonstrates the efficacy of treating adolescents and children with antidepressants
Plan Watch
Frank Diamond
Kaiser Permanente and the federal government believe that they’ve found the path to a national health record system
Tomorrow's Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD
Inspired by an anatomic variant in a patient, a double-orifice control device alleviates mitral regurgitation
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News and Commentary
News and Commentary