Patrick Mullen
This expert who hopes to help everybody adjust nevertheless expects big headaches come Jan. 1, 2006. However, e-prescribing could make the drug plan work.
Martin Sipkoff
Integration of predictive modeling and genomic tools means improved technology, enhanced databases, and appropriate legal guidance.
Legislation & Regulation
John Carroll
David Brailer, MD, PhD, the nation's health information chief, wants the industry, not the government, to devise a system that provides interoperability.
Medication Management
Martin Sipkoff
Despite the seeming Gordian knot of regulations associated with Medicare Part D, health plans figure the benefit-to-risk ratio is squarely in their favor.
Michael S. Victoroff, MD
Is using the tort system and class action lawsuits the best way to solve problems between business professionals? That and $54.37 can go toward the creation of a foundation to bring about meaningful organizational change.
Tomorrow's Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD
Recent advances in pain relief revolve around longer-lasting implantable devices. Can you afford not to have a pain management strategy?
Managed Care Outlook
Opinion leaders say Congress should also act to improve quality and safety, and ensure Medicare solvency.
News and Commentary