Tony Berberabe
The plan du jour requires a different mindset and approach in order to succeed. Be sure to include incentives.
John Carroll
Some large health insurers are starting to offer limited-benefit plans (often called mini-meds) for an unexpectedly vibrant niche — the working poor.
Martin Sipkoff
Paying for performance promises improved quality, reduced cost, and higher income for doctors. So why are some of them worried?
Stanley Hochberg, MD
Pay-for-performance programs imply improved patient care, but are frustrated by fragmented data collection and reporting systems. Think big.
Thomas Morrow, MD
While the potential of consumer-directed health plans is promising, this design still leaves many questions about coverage unanswered.
Employer Update
MargaretAnn Cross
Employers and state governments are getting together to design imaginative programs to cover low-pay workers.
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News and Commentary