Frank Diamond
Congress's financial review agency says that not enough evidence exists to prove that disease management saves money. Many beg to differ.
Martin Sipkoff
The FDA stands poised to approve OTC low-dose statins, following a similar change in United Kingdom.
Martin Sipkoff
The idea that everyone in a given geographical area should pay the same for health coverage has come under assault in recent years.
David G. Lombardi, MD
Niki B. Istwan, RN
Debbie J. Rhea, MPH
In this study, outpatient management was effective in controlling nausea and vomiting during pregnancy and was associated with a reduced need for hospital or emergency room treatment as well as reduced costs.
Jack Ebeler
One important way that we can improve care for people with chronic diseases is to have medical records that are online and accessible when needed.
Legislation & Regulation
John Carroll
The issue is how extensive the list of covered medications should be for the new Medicare pharmaceutical benefit. The stakes are enormous.
Tomorrow's Medicine
Thomas Morrow, MD
New tests will allow better determination of which therapies will work on which patients, thus improving care and reducing outlays for failed therapies.
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