Sharon Carter
Streamlining your practice's office dictation may not rank number one on the HMOs' wish lists. But since when do managed care physicians have money to toss out the window?
Allen D. Spiegel, Ph.D.
The roots of modern managed care go back to prepaid health plans of the 19th century, but many of the concepts we use today were embraced in ancient times. The Babylonians had a system with many parallels to the present one.
Carl J. Forster, D.O.
A Pennsylvania family physician saw a recent Managed Care article on communicating test results to patients and decided to share with readers some of the tools he uses for this important task. Here's what he offers.
Deborah Epstein
Managed care is in the business of holding down costs. Generics cost less than brands. But there are many pressures from patients, physicians — even employers — to stick with the branded products.