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Drug management

Drug pricing & markets, value-based pricing, cost control, real-world evidence for safety and effectiveness
Saurabh Nagar, BPharm
Jeetvan Patel, PhD
Richard H. Stanford, PharmD, MS
Resource use and exacerbation among patients with COPD are weighed in a preliminary study. Subjects treated with a combination of long-acting muscarinic antagonists (LAMA) and long-acting β2-adrenergic agonists (LABA) cost more to manage than those receiving LAMA alone, although emergency department and outpatient visit costs were less. The authors say those starting the LAMA+LABA therapy may have more severe COPD.
Sarah Kwon
Cancer treatment is advancing rapidly but at eye-popping prices. Six-figure oncology drugs are increasingly common, necessitating new approaches that will bring the drugs back into the orbit of affordability. The notion that drug payment based on value rather than volume could help reduce drug costs…
Eric Bender
The drugs often are more effective and have fewer side effects. The science—often just amazing. Medically, cancer treatment has never been in a better place. But are high prices making it unaffordable? Payers, providers, policymakers, and drugmakers themselves are wrestling with the issue. Meanwhile, many patients are being priced out of treatments that could save their lives.
Jeremy Schafer
The breast cancer mortality rate in 2012 declined 49% compared with the expected baseline, and 63% of that reduction was from treatment drugs. You’d think that patients would take their cancer medicines no matter what. But when cost sharing reached between $100 and $500, the abandonment rate soared to 32%.
Thomas Reinke
They take the brakes off the immune system so it attacks cancer cells. But many people don’t respond to checkpoint inhibitors, so researchers are looking for ways to defeat the resistance.
Ed Silverman
The new CAR-T therapy may pass ICER cost-effectiveness muster, but can the health care system afford more drugs like it?
Thomas Reinke
The randomized controlled trial reigns supreme, but the FDA is working on ways to incorporate real-world evidence into its approval processes.
The winners among the Part D preferred pharmacy networks are willing to trade lower prescription profit margins for larger market share. CVS pharmacies are preferred in plans that enrolled 8.5 million people in 2018, compared with the fewer than 300,000 people enrolled in CVS retail pharmacies in 2017.